Beautifully handcrafted and etched/engraved, with a lovely sleeping beauty turquoise stone, this feather pendant & 18" necklace are full of Love & Light 

The feather represents the eagle which is the bird that flies the highest and so is our connection with whatever we believe is up there/out there. 

TURQUOISE is the colour of the heavens and the waters on earth, reminding us of the connection between us and the heavens and the upper worlds

Colour blue/turquoise
A kabbalistic spiritual reminder of the connection between water & skies/heavens: 
"Water" in hebrew = mayim מים
 "Skies" in hebrew = shamayim שמיים
Meaning of shamayim = up there is water

Blue below , blue above with earthly beings travelling on the good red road of life (red/blood)... We are surrounded with the potential of mercy, wisdom and understanding... 

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HANDCRAFTED by Navajo silversmith Annie Spencer

NOTE: as with all jewellery with inlay or stones, it is not recommended to wear these in wet environments eg. the shower or while bathing, in hot tubs, seas, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms

Turquoise & Silver Feather pendant & 18" necklace