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Panderella: What's in the Box? .... Come & See

In the Box behind the scenes

So, what's in the BOX?
The story of Pandora's Box tells us that when the Box is opened to the world, all bad things are unleashed and come out. Do not despair.... Pandora has to open the Box because, waiting patiently in a corner of the bottom of the Box, there is HOPE! Yes, HOPE! And HOPE cannot come out until all the bad is out: Then HOPE emerges and everything is transformed and transmuted into goodness, and caring and sharing! 
It's like Pandora and Cinderella becoming one: PANDORA has CERTAINTY that at the bottom of the Box there is HOPE. 
CINDERELLA has that HOPE that she will be transformed and, after experiencing hardship, all good things will come to her and those around her, and she will have wisdom and understanding to share with the world.
PANDERELLA is born, filling us all with excitement and determination, hope and certainty, health and wealth, and abundance and joy!
A great way to celebrate this transformation is to gift to yourself or preferably to others: share, care, help, bring a smile! 
So, go on, buy some shining, lovingly handcrafted jewellery, or artisan made crafts and ornaments and share the love and light: these are PANDERELLA'S PIECES for our delectation and delight!

Coming soon.... Another Panderella story here in Pandora's Rock box
PROMO CODE: " share the love " put 2 items in cart & pay for 1!! The lowest price item is my gift to you... 
Special offer while "building works" take place! 

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