Pandora's Native Trading Post is now Panderella ~ Gifts of Love, Light & Transformation.. Sneak preview SPECIAL OFFER on selected items

Behind the Scenes and the building works... come into the Box!

So..... Covid $enying me touring/cruise work has allowed me the opportunity to realign my mind, body & soul & see what transformational Gifts of Love & Light I can share with you... 

So I set up this website with a selection of handcrafted jewellery & gifts, many made by wonderful and spiritually minded Native American artisans and silversmiths, and a NEW collection of gifts to create Spiritual Harmony, specially designed and created by me. Some of these NEW gifts of Love & Light incorporate and fuse beautiful Native American jewellery with other Spiritual & Kabbalistic designs to help us transform & evolve.

I established the Trading Post in Camden Lock, London, in 1990, bringing & promoting Native American jewellery, crafts, music & dance to the UK. 

I closed the shop several years ago & since then have been only selling small amount of wholesale, alongside tour/cruise work & helping people figure out the way through the maze of reality that is life, love and the journey to the stars! 

Having been in the UK since April lockdown 2020, I have been reinventing myself, and decided I should open the Box and share some of the lovely pieces that I still have.

I have been building  this new website from scratch (and missing my dear Webmistress &  friend Babz Bell who had designed the original Trading Post, Pandora's Rock Box, and Armageddon Rock websites!)

I invite you to a sneak preview of the online store, with a special limited time offer while the store is a work in progress...  please excuse the scaffolding and workmen (me) still perfecting the site, adding better quality photos, and more pieces for your delectation and delight!

Come-on in and grab a first come first served gift... And give me an incentive to add more! 💸🤝💖

And let me know if there is something specific you would like and I will look in my box and see what I have, or source it for you: I do have some beautiful wall hangings, shields, arrows, bustle, blankets and paintings... as well as bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, and lots more available to add to the store

with lots of unique and one off pieces.

Here's looking forward to new beginnings, and new paths, as well as revisiting the good from years gone by.... And opening not only my native jewellery Box & Transformational Box, but maybe also my Radio Rock Box... And returning to safe and joyful touring post Covid, as we now move towards the great awakening and the age of Aquarius (my sign!)

May we all be blessed with love and light, health and happiness, fun and laughter and abundance and joy 


 Come in for a visit today!

and use PROMO CODE: "share the love " put 2 items in cart & pay for 1!! (Lowest price item is my gift to you)

NOTE: the Transformational Journeys retail therapy gifts of Love & Light include bonus extras instead of coupon code discounts. 

Postage is free (UK sales only at the moment) 

Special offer while "building works" take place! 

Shop.... Share.... And enjoy 

Love & Light to all 🤝💞

Pan d'ora

Means " face of the light " in Aramaic!

See the story of how Panderella evolved as part of the transformational journeys!