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The Doors of the Dimensions

Behind the Scenes

For and from my dear mother Gerda yochana bat Arthur Avraham (Gerda Yochana daughter of Arthur Avraham) 
From one level to another! She left the physical realm in 1993! And it is like yesterday! 
I had an awesome experience shortly after she left: Call it a vision, an out of body/otherworldly experience. I still now cannot explain it, but it is vivid in my mind also, like it was yesterday!  
I went through a mist, like a veil lifting: I see a cottage, surrounded by a garden: a wooden low fence, and low wooden gate. 
Around the cottage is land but covered in mists. All around I can see for infinity, but misty infinity. There are hills and mountains, but Misty Mountains. I know there are lakes and oceans, but all is hidden in swirling mists of the waters of mercy, sparkling with tinges of rainbow colors, like reflections on raindrops. Or are they teardrops, reflecting prisms of Endless Light??
As i go towards the cottage the door opens and my mother and her dog Benny come running out! My mother stands with open arms saying "I've been waiting! I knew you would come! I knew you would find your way!... Now come in, I have chicken soup for you!"
I feel full of happiness as i go into the cottage, sit at a rustic fable in the kitchen and she brings me a steaming bowl of awesome chicken soup! 
Benny the dog sits beside me with his head against my knees. I feel his warmth!
I look astounded at my mother and ask her "what are you doing here?"
She tells me she likes being in this level: she feels at home. She tells me there are many levels after going through the door of death: some levels are so close to earth existence that everything is the same as on earth and "life" carries on, with all the family and friends and work and ups and downs! As if no death happened! 
Then there are higher levels like where she was: she could choose her house (style/decor etc) and her dog from years before came to be with her. She said this is where she feels comfortable "for now". 
I say "but you are alone here!"
She says no... All She has to do is think of her friends who have also left "earth", and if they are on levels near her they instantaneously manifest and they can go for walks or play bridge! She says it's all done by thought/power of the mind... And power of Love: She thinks for her food and it manifests! She thinks for clothes and "things" and they appear! She sends love to her garden, and yes, it grows!

I ask her where is my father who elevated and left earth many years before she did:She tells me there are many levels above where she is.He is on a higher level. On those levels the souls don't want/need bodies: they are involved in study and continuing transformation in the way that is right for them. He sometimes takes physical form and goes down to visit her. She tells me she is happy at the level she is, still with physical body, but beginning to connect to energy of love and mind over matter. 
She says everyone starts their journey in the upper worlds at a level that is right for each person. She shares more information about this.
She tells me she has gone on tours to higher levels to see what they are like: she will move up levels when she feels ready! 
She tells me she knows I would be a wonderful tour guide to take people on tours to the higher levels and help them feel which level is good for them! 
I am speechless! I have no need to verbally talk more with her. I stay with her for an eternity... we share feelings and emotions of joy and love. 
She tells me she is there whenever I need... I can go through the mists and I will find her...
She tells me I can also journey higher whenever I want, and go see my father, although on those higher levels the experience is more of soul and spirit and oneness rather than physical.
She tells me the doors are always open: we just have to remember that we all hold the keys to the Doors of Dimensions.... We just have to re~member what they are and how to use them...
She tells me more... Other secrets of the Doors of the Dimensions...
And then she tells me to go back to earth and we hug and I leave... And the cottage fades in the mist, with my last memory of her standing in the door, Benny by her side, both of them waving and smiling! 

Some of this written after it happened ... Now rewritten 25 October 2021, 19th of the kabbalistic month of Cheshvan, the anniversary of the beginning of her journey to the upper worlds.

Rewritten by me... Miryam pan D'ora bat Gerda Yochana, and Gerda Yochana bat Avraham, and with the presence and guidance from Yitzhak Ben Shlomo, my beloved father... 

I sit here writing, and know they guide the fingers to type! I feel them both, around me, inside me, like the swirling mists: and I see the sparkling droplets around everywhere, knowing that each droplet, each teardrop, is not only a memory... Of mine... Of theirs... Of endless other souls... BUT is also timeless knowledge ready to be revealed.

They are the keys: the sweet nectar of wisdom of the tree of life, sliding down into the shining droplets. And each drop is priceless, joyful revelation of the simplicity and beauty of the journey through the Maze of Reality to the keys of the Doors of the Dimensions

We are shaking the worlds

25 October 2021, 19th of the kabbalistic month of Cheshvan/ScorpioToday is also the birthday of my beloved Twin Soul Matthew ben Joy (Matthew the son of Joy)... I hear his voice saying words that he wrote: "we gotta shake, shake the heavens down"

there is more...

An introduction to the Doors of the Dimensions: and the keys to the upper worlds. 

An introduction to spiritual and kabbalistic tools to help us see behind the veils

Coming soon: 

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