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🤝 Welcome to Panderella's
"Special Retail Therapy" transformational gifts of Love & Light !

Let's take "retail therapy" to a new level:

Do you want to Sparkle & Shine, on a Physical AND on a Higher Dimensional level, 

and become the best version of yourself possible?

 Now, gifting to ourselves or to others, is not only guilt free, but also intrinsically therapeutic! 

You get transformational gifts PLUS a special transformational guided audio journey, guided by me, Miryam Pan D'Ora (aka Panderella), connected to the items you choose

When you are offered a gift make of yourself a special space that you can receive it!

3 steps to a better you!

1.🔹 DECIDE (mind)

2.🔹 CHOOSE (body)



  • A gift from Panderella'a SPECIAL RETAIL THERAPY section of the SHOP



NOTE: you can give these "Special Retail Therapy" gifts of Love & Light to others as well! ...


  • Step 1 DECIDE: 

    Make a decision 

    that you want to change, evolve, let go of "stuff". 

    Take a deep breath, and be open to unlock your potential.

  • Step 2


    This is the FUN & INTUITIVE part...  the RETAIL THERAPY, otherwise known as SHOPPING... but with a Special Transformational purpose! Go to the "Special Retail Therapy" SECTION of the shopping area

     and choose which gifts you are drawn to, which ones speak to you. 

  • These are PHYSICAL GIFTS of Love & Light, designed and created by me, Miryam Pan D'Ora (AKA Panderella), infused with Love, Light & Blessings, connecting us to a range of areas in our lives that we would like to improve.

  • While I make these gifts I have special music playing, I clear my mind to be a channel of transformational Light, and I listen to and read from special ancient texts including the Zohar: the Book of Light, and other kabbalistuc texts


    Receive a 

    "Guided AUDIO Journey", 

    conceptualized and created by me, Miryam Pan D'Ora, connecting you to the energy and frequency of the gifts you have chosen, and helping you transform

Panderella's SPECIAL RETAIL THERAPY gifts, and the guided audio JOURNEYS, are tools of change, opening doors to additional levels of wisdom and understanding, to help us become the best version of ourselves possible. 

On a daily basis the Physical Panderella's "Special Retail Therapy" gifts bring joy and smiles, and also act as triggers of transformation, full of Love & Light! 

Listening to the AUDIO JOURNEY helps us get a better connection to manifesting our true potential

Allow the sound and vibration of my voice, and the words, to guide your higher self, your higher soul to connect to your physical being and lower soul, and help you manifest your desires and be the best YOU possible

WHERE DOES the IDEA of Panderella's "Special Retail Therapy" Lightful gifts and "Guided AUDIO Journeys"  come from? 

I draw from my varied background including Chinese & Complementary Medicine, Native American & Kabbalistic Healing arts, Healing through water & music, Gemstone & Crystal therapy, Meditation and Counseling, as well as my years as a radio presenter and International cruise director & tour guide. 

I am here to guide you to be empowered by what you carry, what you wear, what you have in your car, home or office, and what you gift to others. 

Since first starting to share Native American jewellery, crafts, music & dance, with the UK (& beyond), as well as my own designs and jewellery creations, I have felt that each item has energy & purpose as well as just being a piece of jewellery or other handmade items. When choosing items to pass on to others I always hold them in my hands and open my heart to feel Its vibration and frequency, to hear the song of its soul: Before Covid, in retail surroundings, after chatting with people who would like to buy from me, I would be able to intuit & advise which pieces may resonate the most with them.

NOW with more online presence, I invite you to allow your eyes to be the window to your soul: look at each piece of jewellery or other items, allow yourself to smile, and allow the piece to speak to you!  Be intuitive: which pieces are you drawn to... Look first at the photos, and then at the descriptions which tell you a little about the energy and purpose of the piece. 

The items you are drawn to can act as metaphors of where you would like to be, emotionally and spiritually, or reinforce the lifestate that you are happy in now. 

I allow my creative, intuitive, retail & audio background to combine with my studies of therapies to bring you transformational jewellery, crafts & other gifts full of Light & Love, and guided audio journeys to complement the process!  

See separate info about me, Miryam Pan D'Ora

Panderella's "Special Retail therapy" gifts of Love & Light include a selection of ancient Aramaic 3 letter sequences from the "72 names of power" also known as the 72 names of g~d/ the Creator/the Endless Light. 

These sequences act like building blocks of transformation, opening and aligning us to their frequency and vibration, to bring about potential for change. 

Some people call them amulets or talismans, i call them powerful transformational tools of change!

See separate info about the 72 names


When you visit Panderella's SPECIAL RETAIL THERAPY  shopping area you will find these transformational tools incorporated into beautiful gift sets which come with GUIDED AUDIO JOURNEYS:


Creating the energy of Renewal, Regeneration, Health, Radiance, Healing, and regaining optimum energy levels.

We connect to the ancient Aramaic 3 letter sequence מ ה ש 


Manifesting and Creating Miracles, feeling excitement in life, remembering that we can manifest, filling ourselves with light so there is no room for darkness.

We connect to the ancient Aramaic 3 letter sequence ס י ט.


Eliminating Hatred, creating Protection around ourselves, getting rid of "evil eye" helping us stay away from badmouthing people, and reminding us not to judge others or badmouth them! 

We connect to the ancient Aramaic 3 letter sequence א ל ד.


Creating Prosperity, financial blessings, neutralizing financial barriers, so we can be happier and have more opportunities of helping others.

We connect to the ancient Aramaic 3 letter sequence  ס א ל.


Creating Harmony in relationships, attracting soulmates & twin souls, strengthening friendships, wanting to be close to others to support each other and grow and evolve, to shine joy to the world: 

We connect to the ancient Aramaic 3 letter sequence  ש א ה.


Building Confidence and connecting to the Lifeforce & Lightforce of the creator, encouraging us to act with responsibility and positivity so we can radiate Light to the world, seeing the good in others and bringing out the good in ourselves: 

We connect to the ancient Aramaic 3 letter sequence  מ ח י



🔹Everything is nickel free, lead free and cadmium free

🔹Made with zinc alloys, solid sterling silver, gold fill, silver plating, pewter, brass, copper & stainless steel: The gifts should not tarnish, although the nature of some metals is to change colour with time.  Where brass or copper is used, it may become visible with time, especially if you wear as jewelry and go in water or saunas etc. 

See individual listings for care info.

NOTE: In some Panderella's "Special Retail Therapy"  gifts I have incorporated into my design beautiful sterling silver Native American pieces of jewelry, handcrafted by Native American silversmiths. The metaphysical energies of these pieces share or complement the Aramaic 3 letter sequences, and enhance the Transformational journeys. 

See individual listings for more info.

NOW .... let us begin our  "Special Retail Therapy" journey.

Let's explore the individual listings

Click on the link and let your MIND, BODY & SOUL sparkle & shine 

"Panderella's Retail Therapy" GIFTS & AUDIO meditations: what is Special Retail Therapy?
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