Silver and goldfill pendant with eagle head design.

Eagle is the bird that flies the highest and so is our connection to whatever we believe is out there or up there. It is our connection to higher realms, reminding us there is more to life than just the physical.
The eagle eye is far seeing, and has a wonderful perspective because it can see the bigger picture: how can we know where we are going unless we can see where we are going!?

Wearing Eagle jewellery (and seeing craft items or jewellery with representation of eagle or feathers) connects us to the creator and opens intuition and farsight.

Handmade by Genevieve Manuelitou, of the Navajo nation

See other listings for more of her lovely pendants, bear and kokopelli designs: each pendant is handmade and there may be variations in the designs on each pendant.

Silver and goldfill pendant: eagle head

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