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Includes pendant and necklace

Gorgeous Jet & Turquoise heartline bear pendant/necklace, carving, and 14 inch liquid silver necklace

Please do not "lock him up"" in a drawer!! He can also stand on a Shelf or be hung on the wall when not worn!

Make use of BUY 1 GET 1 offer and get another pendant carving to keep him company!!


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The BEAR is a symbol of strength and good hunting, stamina and endurance. May it inspire and energize you as much as it does for me...

The FEATHERS represent the EAGLE which is the bird that flies the highest and so connects us to whatever we believe is up there or out there, and connects us to the upper worlds.


TURQUOISE is the colour of the heavens and the waters on earth, reminding us of the connection between us and the heavens and the upper worlds.

The LIQUID SILVER chain, and silver (maybe alloy?) feathers, carry the symbol of mercy, purity and truth which is the marriage of Earth and Sky.

In contrast The BLACK lightweight stone connects us to the dark core of the earth, and also to the darkness of the skies and night: they remind us that only in darkness can we have the opportunity to reflect light.


COLOUR BLUE/TURQUOISE is a kabbalistic spiritual reminder of the connection between water & skies/heavens:

🔹"Water" in hebrew = mayim מים

🔹"Skies" in hebrew = shamayim שמיים

🔹"There/up there/over there" = sham שם

Meaning of shamayim = "up there is water"

BLUE below, BLUE above, with earthly beings travelling on the good red road of life (RED/blood)... We are surrounded with the potential of mercy, wisdom and understanding.

NOTE 1: as with all jewellery with inlay or stones, it is not recommended to wear these for extended time in wet environments eg. the shower or while bathing, in hot tubs, seas, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms: this could loosen the stones or inlay pieces.

NOTE 2: silver can tarnish. This is a natural process of interaction between the metal and the air, and the properties of each person's skin. It can also sometimes tarnish when not worn: the tarnish can be removed with a silver polish cloth or other products.

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14" silver necklace and Bear pendant, jet & turquoise with 2 feathers

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