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Established 1990 Camden Lock

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With this new website I aim to offer an outstanding and affordable selection of jewellery and crafts, like I did in my original store, The Native American Trading Post, in Camden Lock, London, England, established way back in the last century, in 1990!

Now, in the digital age, where great products are only a click away, I do believe that finding the right collection takes expertise and dedication, as well as a connection to the Light & Love in each beautiful piece, and that is what I have done over the years:

I have lived for many months each year on and near native reservations, sharing experiences and spiritual journeys with many wonderful people, and now I am again offering you  some of these awesome pieces of GENUINE handcrafted jewellery and crafts, infused with Love & Light... 

I support small cooperatives, and individual silversmiths and artisans and I look forward to you joining me in enjoying these beautiful items

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Silver & goldfill Pendants  IN SHOP NOW

Unique and Original

These lovely handmade silver & goldfill pendants are "live" to buy now, £36 each. OTHER ITEMS: When you shop at Pandora's Native goodies website, you know you’re paying fair prices for all our items.If you don't see what you would like now, please let me know, as I am adding new items soon and can put specific goodies online for you. There’s lots to choose from and I'm sure you’ll find something you like.


Lots of wonderful goodies

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Earrings full of Light

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Some of our featured one-of-a-kind items, and I feel you will find something perfect for you or a friend, right here. For great quality at fair prices, there’s no better place to get your gifts of Love & Light than panderella.com ~ Pandora's RockBox & Native American Trading Post. Keep browsing these gorgeous pieces, and check out the wide variety of styles I offer you for all sorts of tastes.



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