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Welcome to the Special Retail Therapy Zone: where shopping is part of our transformational journey.


i present to you one of my NEW Special Retail Therapy gifts of Love & Light.


Special introductory price with added bonuses



This special one of a kind Retail Therapy gift of Love & Light, hamdcrafted by Miryam Pan d'Ora (aka Panderella) and includes TWO Hebrew/ Aramaic letter sequences and a tree of life pendant


Is it a bracelet? YES

Is it a necklace? YES

Is it a keyring? YES

Is it a pendant? YES

Can I clip it on my bag? YES

Can I wear 2 separate necklaces together? YES

Do I get a separate keyring for keys? YES

Is the bracelet one of a kind? YES


Wow! This combination teaches us there are many possibilities and that it is fun to be flexible and innovative!


So what exactly do I get?

1 x transformer MANIFESTING PROSPERITY bracelet/necklace

1 x waxed cord necklace with heart clasp

1 x waxed cord necklace with regular clasp

1 x transformer REMOVING NEGATIVITY keyring/pendant

1 x tree of life pendant

1 x heart shape keyring and clasp (for keys!)

1 x retail therapy guided audio journey to transformation


the details


1. ❣️ The MANIFESTING PROSPERITY bracelet/necklace:

🔹A beautiful BRACELET, shining with Love, connecting us to the energy of Prosperity and the Light of the Upper Worlds....

🔹 The bracelet TRANSFORMS into a NECKLACE when joined with the black cord necklace with heart clasp!

🔹 This one of a kind handcrafted bracelet combines a mixture of pewter, zinc alloys, resin, acrylic & glass, and focusses on shades of blues, greens, purple and pinks. There are black & green heart cubes connecting us to opening our own hearts to Love, Sharing & Caring, and 3 pewter cubes with the Aramaic/Hebrew letters sequence which is a special combination for MANIFESTING PROSPERITY ס א ל


In addition to the transforming bracelet, you also get:

2. ❣️ A black cord necklace with heart clasp and 2 heart shape beads. Combine it with the bracelet to make a stunning necklace. You can also wear it discreetly on its own, or add the transformed "REMOVING NEGATIVITY" KEYRING/pendant, OR the TREE OF LIFE pendant.


3. ❣️ A "REMOVING NEGATIVITY" KEYRING with a heart shape clasp, which TRANSFORMS into a PENDANT or to hang on a bag. This has a heart design pewter cube and 3 pewter cubes with an Aramaic/Hebrew letters sequence which is a special combination for REMOVING NEGATIVITY א ל ד




4. ❣️Liaise with me to get your audio JOURNEY to TRANSFORMATION: Receive a "Guided AUDIO Journey", conceptualized and created by me, Miryam Pan D'Ora, connecting you to the energy and frequency of the gifts you have chosen, and helping you transform

This MP3 (or similar) audio guides you on your transformational journey to "MANIFESTING PROSPERITY & REMOVING NEGATIVITY".

This is included in the price during the Special Retail Therapy launch.


NOTE: in order to receive your audio please include your email, and Whatsapp or UK phone number, and I will be in touch to discuss your audio journey: During 20 to 30 minutes I will guide you to explore why you are drawn to this gift set, and work with the colours and Hebrew/Aramaic letters to enhance your life journey, remove negativity and create miracles and wonders.


And, to complete your Special Retail Therapy gift of Love & Light, you also get BONUS:

5. ❣️A heart shape keyring with swivel clasp,

6. ❣️A second waxed cord necklace with 2 heart beads and a regular small lobster clasp, for your tree of life pendant or keyring pendant.

7. ❣️ A Tree of Life pendant



Nickel, lead & cadmium free

Made with pewter, zinc alloy, stainless steel, resin, glass, Love & Light!



Ideally you would not want to wear these in the shower, swimming or sauna etc. and the necklaces are delicate and don't like being pulled about!


This Special Retail Therapy gift set is not included in the "share the love" discounts as it is offered at a special introductory price with special bonuses and the audio guided journey included.


When I design and create these SPECIAL RETAIL THERAPY gifts of Love & Light, I have special music playing. I connect to the endless Light to guide me which colours & Hebrew/Aramaic letter sequences etc to use, and I often stop and get inspiration by reading verses from a special book of Light, the Zohar, in Aramaic/Hebrew/English.

detailed info about the zohar to follow...


I am also available for further personalized guided audio journeys, either prerecorded or "live": message me for more information.


YOu can also use the custom listing or message me to book a free consultation to liaise with me which colours and 3 letter combinations you should get


WHERE DOES the IDEA of Panderella's "Special Retail Therapy" BeLightful gifts and "Guided AUDIO Journeys" come from?

I draw from my varied background including Chinese & Complementary Medicine, Native American & Kabbalistic Healing arts, Healing through water & music, Gemstone & Crystal therapy, Meditation and Counseling, as well as my years as a radio presenter and International cruise director & tour guide.


I am here to guide you to be empowered by what you carry, what you wear, what you have in your car, home or office, and what you gift to others.




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