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Welcome to the Special Retail Therapy Zone: where shopping is part of our transformational journey.


i present to you one of my NEW Special Retail Therapy gifts of Love & Light.


Special introductory price with added bonuses



This special one of a kind Retail Therapy gift of Love & Light, hamdcrafted by Miryam Pan d'Ora (aka Panderella) and includes TWO Hebrew/ Aramaic letter sequences and a tree of life pendant


Is it a bracelet? YES

Is it a necklace? YES

Is it a keyring? YES

Is it a pendant? YES

Can I clip it on my bag? YES

Can I wear 2 separate necklaces together? YES

Do I get a separate keyring for keys?  YES

Is the bracelet one of a kind?  YES


Wow! This combination teaches us there are many possibilities and that it is fun to be flexible and innovative!