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These opal and jet earrings sparkle and shine and call to you to adopt them and take them home with you!

The circle represents unity and continuity, and hope that as we go round the circle we gain wisdom and understanding, and circle higher and higher in the circles of the path of life, the 4 directions, 4 ages, 4 seasons and 4 Nations of the world (white, black, yellow and red)

The outside of the circle is the sun face, shining and protecting: without the energy of the sun we cannot live. We also are reminded that if we expose ourselves too much to the direct light we can burn!

The triangle represents the lower world, the kingdom of man.

The top of the triangle points to the upper worlds.

The feather represents the eagle which is the bird that flies the highest and so is our connection with whatever we believe is out there/up there: the great spirit, the creator, the creative forces, the endless light.

Handcrafted by Navajo silversmith Bernice Sandoval, these earrings have jet and pearlescent greenish opal which sparkle as they move.

Note: The opal is cultivated to stop it from fading in sunlight

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NOTE: as with all jewellery with inlay or stones, it is not recommended to wear these in wet environments eg. the shower or while bathing, in hot tubs, seas, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms: this could loosen the stones or inlay pieces

Silver, jet and opal earrings

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