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A wonderful set of 3 small handmade and hand painted rattles, Native American made, with gorgeous relaxing sound.

The bear is a symbol of strength and good hunting, stamina and endurance.

May the bear and these rattles inspire and energize you as much as they do for me...

The horsehair tuft connects us to the strength and sleek energy of horse!

The soothing sound of these rattles are great for personal therapy, or for you to rattle for others!

Rattle while you take a break from work, or take a few minutes and rattle away the cobwebs, uplift your spirit and connect to the upper worlds!

Rattle around your body and in the air around you, and rattle around friends, colleagues or,if you are a therapist, they are lovely to use in treatments!!

Keep all 3 or gift 1 (or all???)


A SET of 3 "therapy" Rattles ~ lovely sound ~ keep and/or gift

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