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A lovely silver and turquoise circle of life pendant and 18" necklace

The circle represents unity and continuity, and hope that as we go along our journey we connect to the path of life, the 4 directions, 4 ages, 4 seasons and 4 Nations of the world (white, black, yellow and red)

Handcrafted by Navajo silversmith Judy Largo, this pendant also features 2 Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones.

The COLOR TURQUOISE reminds us of our connection to earth and sky, to the lower and upper worlds.

Vertically we have SILVER HOOPS representing the progression through the worlds:

🔹The worlds before

🔹The current existence,


🔹 The upper worlds

Horizontally we have the energy of "4" as the circle represents the circle of life, pointing in all directions, in the 4 dimensions.

So, the human stands at the crossroads of vertical and horizontal existence, with the 6 dimensions around, above and below us, and the human is the 7th link (dimension)

This unique piece of jewellery embodies all this and more. Feel and enjoy your place in the journey of life!

The SILVER casings and parts of the jewelry carry the symbol of mercy, purity and truth which is the marriage of Earth and Sky.

NOTE 1: as with all jewellery with inlay or stones, it is not recommended to wear these for extended time in wet environments eg. the shower or while bathing, in hot tubs, seas, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms: this could loosen the stones or inlay pieces.

NOTE 2: silver can tarnish. This is a natural process of interaction between the metal and the air, and the properties of each person's skin. It can also sometimes tarnish when not worn: the tarnish can be removed with a silver polish cloth or other products.

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Circle of life silver & turquoise pendant & necklace

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