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Jewelry Box

Why Adoptagem? 

Beautiful gems of handcrafted jewellery, arts and crafts for your delectation and delight

Adoptagem is part of Pandora's Native American Trading Post, established in London, England, in 1990.

 I love this name as we never really own a piece of jewellery, or something lovingly made by artisans, or any other "gem" that we own, whether it is a physical gem or a pearl of wisdom that we pass on to another.

Everything you acquire from means you are looking after it until you pass it on to someone else: jewellery, arts and crafts, or gems of knowledge that you pickup as you peruse the website
So, go on, treat yourself or a loved one... adopt some jewellery or ornaments or crafts, while absorbing the gems of universal wisdom and information written in the descriptions!

Why ? Read all about it!: About
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